#mygenderexpression Campaign
Concept Development, Creative Direction, Copywriting & Prototyping

The #mygenderexpression campaign is the product of a collaboration between students from London College of Fashion and the creative agency Biglight.

The Task:
To create a mobile experience that enhances the in-store experience of the London flagship store of Saint Laurent Paris.

The Problem:
The goal was to bring the brand’s identity into the physical realm and to experientially engage its unconventional London customers. The #mygenderexpression campaign was developed based on our observation that Saint Laurent Paris has always pushed boundaries when it comes to gender. At a time where research shows that customers are increasingly shopping across traditional gender boundaries, the London store still separates clothing according to male or female categories.  

The App:
The #mygenderexpression campaign centres around a mobile app that features "gender non-conformists" who share from their personal journey with gender identity, while giving insight into how they use clothing to express themselves. Combining pieces from both the current Saint Laurent Paris menswear and womenswear collections, these individuals promote outfits that encourage customers to break free from traditional gender norms. The app also encourages customers to engage with the campaign by creating and sharing their own outfit collages.

In-store Experience:
Instead of dividing the store into menswear and womenswear sections, the clothes will be presented according to the outfits promoted by each protagonists story. Each garment will include a personalised tag that will allow the customer to access the digital story while shopping in store.

Data & The Store Of The Future:
Besides promoting the products in an experiential way, the app also allows for the collection of data with the purpose of being able to customise the in-store experience.

Photography: Saint Laurent Paris
Team: Salinna Ma / Yi Ye / Marina Borovikova


Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein
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