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PHAEDIS is a commercial storytelling platform centred around the idea of ‘second chances’: the concept is based on the story of Phaedo of Elis, who was the name of a slave that was redeemed by the philosopher Socrates and later became a philosopher himself.

The platform partners with fashion designers to give a second chance to last pieces from previous collections that would otherwise become waste. Each designer collaboration results in a campaign which features a personal second chance story experienced by one of our ambassadors. Proceeds from each garment sold are donated to help give a second chance to a survivor of human trafficking.

Each campaign uses editorial imagery to illustrate the written part of the story. The pieces showcased within the editorials can be purchased via the online store. Besides taking a stance against human trafficking and wastefulness, the campaign also wants to promote diversity in the fashion industry by featuring everyday individuals as models.

Photography: Timothy Achumba / Cora Wöllenstein / Arrigo Reuss
Film: Min Hsuan Hu 


Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein
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