The objective was to create a hyper functional live-work space that maximises the small 67-sqm newly built apartment for a young couple working in the creative industries in London. As the flat was new but lacked any architectural features, the focus was placed on elevating the existing amenities with unique furnishings and art. Apart from the kitchen unit in the open-plan living room, which underwent some minor updates to fit in with the couple’s quirky aesthetic, only paint was used to add colour, pattern, and texture throughout. The bedroom further features a custom mural. 

To furnish and decorate the apartment, we sourced a mix of vintage and designer furniture and custom-designed unique pieces as well as creative hacks to update the couple’s Ikea furniture in our quintessentially sculptural and almost anthropomorphic Akuko style. On the functional side, our main ambition was to increase storage space as the apartment came without any existing in-built storage and to divide the small footprint into distinct functions to cater to the couple’s multiple daily needs. The overall style is playful and experimental with an element of storytelling and a great sense of space and how to maximise it.

The project was featured in the Spring issue "Rebel, Rebel" by Domino Magazine.