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#jimmysaysyes is a wedding invitation website that was created in the pursuit to create a wedding experience with a minimal environmental impact. The objective was to create a story around how the couple met and share their vision for the future together, using both text and images. The challenge was to create something that is appropriate for the occasion while not complying to the established expectations of what a wedding should be.

The concept and story behind the campaign was based on the idea that marriage is like a garden that becomes fruitful when tended to and serves as a place of refuge for both the couple and for others. The imagery of the website invitation was later developed further and translated into the decoration of the event.

Although solely intended for the invited guests, #jimmysaysyes was showcased by several design sites and received a total of 17000 pageviews.

Photography: Jasper & Laura Keßler
Post Production & Website: Timothy Achumba


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