redco. film
Creative direction, storytelling, script writing,
fashion styling & production

This editorial video was premiered at the launch event of redco. [Redemption Collection] is an ethical jewelry label with a social purpose. redco. uses recycled materials to create products, which symbolize the restoration of value among human trafficking survivors through the work of A21.

The video shows the journey from darkness and bondage to light and freedom, symbolizing the fight for freedom and value for each human trafficking survivor. The video serves to promote the redco. product, which symbolizes the restored value placed upon every survivor through the work of the A21 Campaign.

Director of photoraphy: Arrigo Reuss
Camera: Elias Köhler
Lighting: Peter Schulz
Post-production: Arrigo Reuss & Peter Schulz
Photography: Sureka Enoxi
Makeup: Dhosh Biula


Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein
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