redco. Online Shop 2015
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After it’s official launch in 2014, redco. redesigned it’s website and online shop to improve the user exeperience. redco. [Redemption Collection] is an ethical jewelry label with a social purpose. redco. uses recycled materials to create products, which symbolize the restoration of value among human trafficking survivors through the work of A21.

The website’s online shop pictures strong images of a faceless person. This serves to symbolize the countless women affected by human trafficking, whose identity is yet unknown. redco.’s aim is to give these women a name by spreading the message through the voice of fashion. 

Each necklace is therefore named after a fictional woman at the Bulgarian A21 safe house, which is supported by redco. The product text takes the customer on a journey to discovering the background information (materials, purpose, information on human trafficking, what A21 is doing about it) with each product. 

Leading up to the launch of the website, a series of videos was produced for redco.’s social media channels. The storyline shows a person being resurrected out of the water, which symbolizes the new life each human trafficking survivor attains through the work of A21.

Photography & Website: Timothy Achumba


Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein
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