redco. the trinity is crying
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The Trinity is Crying is an editorial campaign created for redco. [Redemption Collection] - an ethical jewelry label with a social purpose. redco. uses recycled materials to create products, which symbolize the restoration of value among human trafficking survivors through the work of A21.

The editorial uses imagery (gifs) in combination with text to convey the story for which redco. stands: a journey from broken and discarded to valuable and restored. This imagery served as a showcase for the jewelry that redco. seeks to sell.

The storyline is based on the name of the collection. Each necklace is made of triangular shaped pieces of plexiglas. These triangles are symbols for the tears that heaven cries over each person affected by human trafficking.

Photography: Cora Wöllenstein
Director of photography: Arrigo Reuss
Makeup: Dhoshiba Biula
Post Production: Thomas Bogner
Website: Timothy Achumba


Judith Achumba-Wöllenstein
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