The objective was to design a room for our clients’ 11-year-old son that would maximise the space and function of the 9 sqm room. The client requested more storage, a place to study and to read, and ample space to play with legos and record TikTok dances. The client also requested that the aesthetic would be inspired by his favourite Superhero colours: red and blue. 

To achieve this objective, we introduced a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic that could take him from childhood into adulthood. Carpet, wallpaper, coving, and picture rails as well as the existing non-functional built-in wardrobe were removed. The walls were restored and painted and wood vinyl flooring was installed to increase the reflection of light throughout the room, making it seem larger. Striped wallpaper was used for the ceiling to seemingly elongate the room. We also designed a custom built-in wardrobe and desk with functional task lighting and introduced a trundle bed to allow for a seamless transition between day and nighttime use and maximum available floor space for play and activity.

The project was featured in Domino Magazine and Apartment Therapy.